Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Disclose question-wise marks of civil services mains exam: HC, CIC

The Delhi High Court and the Central Information Commission have directed the Union Public Service Commission to disclose the question-wise marks obtained by students in each paper of the civil services (mains) examination.
In his July 10 order Chief Information Commissioner Satyanand Mishra has directed the UPSC to “disclose the evaluated answer sheets written by appellant” in the civil services (mains) examination “after duly severing the names and/or signature of the examiner or any other third party information”.
This direction was given on an appeal filed by A Arun Thamburaj, who appeared in CSE (mains) in November 2010. He requested for marks awarded in each paper, question-wise marks in paper I and II, and photocopies of his written answer scrips.
Earlier, hearing two writ petitions on July 6 the HC had asked the UPSC to disclose answer sheets of mains examination to respective candidates. The writ petitions were filed by Manish Parashar and Gaurav Gupta, respectively.
These orders, if implemented, will benefit nearly 15,000 aspirants who appear every year in CSE (mains) examination.
Though there are several orders by the CIC, HC and the Supreme Court to disclose the cut-off marks for prelims, the UPSC is not ready for it and has been approaching courts against those orders.
In its July 13 order in an LPA filed by the UPSC and appeals filed by Angesh Kumar and Durgesh Kumar Tripathi, the acting Chief Justice of Delhi High Court, Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw, said: “An examinee is entitled to satisfy himself/herself as to the fairness and transparency of the examination and the selection procedure and to maintain such fairness and transparency disclosure of raw marks, cut-off marks and the scaling method adopted is a must.”
The HC was also miffed with the UPSC approaching it again and again on disclosure orders. The court said: “Though the UPSC has indulged in re-litigation but giving benefit of doubt to UPSC that the resistance to disclose is an after effect of the pre-RTI era, we refrain from imposing any cost on UPSC.”

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