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Record Retention Schedule of UPSC

                                   (Record Retention Schedule of UPSC)

ER Branch follows the Record Retention Schedule of UPSC that is common to all sections as detailed in Part-I of the Record Retention Schedule 2009, that is uploaded in the UPSC Website.  Besides this, the following is also followed.
                     EXAMINATION BRANCH 
I.                 KEEP PERMANENTLY 
          File/Applications relating to : 
1.                General orders and decisions of the Commission/ Government having a bearing on examinations.
2.                Procedural and policy matters regarding exams.
3.                Examination Rules/Competitive Examination Regulations/ Schemes of Examination (including amendments thereto and interpretation thereof).
4.                Legal cases involving fundamental issues relating to Commissions Examinations.
5.                Disciplinary cases involving permanent debarment.
6.                Results of Examinations. 
II.          KEEP FOR 13 YEARS
Files relating to:
1.                Alpha list for IFoS, CS (P) appeared candidates.
2.                Attendance Lists of present candidates where number of attempts are involved.
3.       Roll Sequence order List Marked copy to be retained with Attendance List for CS (P), IFoS Exam. 
III.          KEEP FOR 10 YEARS
Files relating to:
          1.Disciplinary cases involving debarment for 10 years,
2.Creation of Posts/Sections in Examination branch.
3.Finalizations of vacancies.
4.Master Index for CS (P) & IFS by EDP Branch (soft copy).
5.Stock register of Application forms, packets by SAMPERA Cell.
 IV.          KEEP FOR 5 YEARS 
Files relating to:
1.                Local  audit inspections.
2.                Preparation of panel of Supervisors/Invigilators.
3.                Approval/Revision of forms.
4.                Disciplinary cases involving debarment for 5 years or under, including disqualification/warning.
5.                Legal cases other than those at I (4) above.
6.                Absentee Statement of examinations where number of attempts is involved for 5 years on floppy/disk and 2 years on paper.
7.                Invoices of Application Form Packets (AFPs) received from Vendor/Post Office 5 years or settlement of Audit objection, whichever is later.
8.                Monthly schedule of Application Forms received and sold 5 years or settlement of Audit objections, whichever is later.
9.                Allocation of works in Examination Branch. 
V.          KEEP FOR 3 YEARS
File relating to:
1.                Procurement of ACRs.
2.                Applications for Examinations:
A.          Defence Service Examination;
a) The applications of the candidates who have not qualified in  written part of the examination may be weeded out after the Notification of the second  successive examination.
b) The dossiers/applications of candidates qualified in the written part of the examination but not finally qualified may be weeded out after 2 years from the Notification of the examination.
c) The Attendance List for examinations conducted under SAMPERA may be weeded out after the commencement of the 3rd successive examination.
d) The applications pertaining to court cases and application containing Commissions decision will be converted into files.

B.          Other Examinations: 
a)                 Applications of candidates who qualified the written part of the examination but did not qualify finally to be weeded out after Notification of the 3rd successive examination.
b)                 Applications of remaining candidates to be weeded out after Notification of 2nd succeeding examination.
3.       Dossier of finally qualified candidatesremainunallotted/left over/do not join service or post.                
         (To be weeded out after three years from the date of examination.)

4.    Master Index for exams other than CS(P) & IFS by EDP    
       Branch (Soft copy).
5.    Allocations/appointments of candidates
6.    Files relating to settlement of advance towards remuneration etc  tosupervisors,Co-ordinating supervisors, Assistant Supervisors and invigilators for conducting the examination, keep for 3 years  from the   date of settlement of advance and confirmation by Accounts Branch.
VI.          KEEP FOR 2 YEARS
Files relating to: 
1.                Constitution of Interview Boards, etc.
2.                Printing of forms/documents relating to conduct of the examination/interview.
3.                 Collection of material for Annual Report/Reports  for the Department of Personnel and Training.
4.                 Distribution of rules as per mailing list.
5.                 Absentee Statement of examinations where  number of attempts is involved/not involved (5 years on floppy/disk and 2 years on paper).
6.                 Arrangement for conduct of Interviews/ Interview  Programme/background material/other papers connected with Interview work.
7.                 Arrangement for individual centers for an examination unless some important decision has been taken on the file.
8.                 Report on visit of officers to examination centers.
9.                 Files relating to dispatch of Admission Certificates through Mass Mailing Center, Department of Posts.
10.            Master Directory of Forms.
11.            Change slip folder.
12.            Registers for change slips.
13.            List of doubtful cases.
14.            List of amalgamation
15.            List of blind cases.
16.            Show-cause notice files where no policy decision is taken.
17.           Alpha list for CS (M) applied candidates.
18.           Attendance Sheets of CS (M) Written Examination.
VII.          KEEP FOR 1 YEAR
          File relating to:
1.                Attendance lists for examinations other than CS(P), IFS, CS(M) and Defence Services.
2.                Issue of A.Cs./Mark sheets/Summon letters.
3.                Minutes relating to cases pending disposal for over one month.
4.                Enquiries from prospective candidates.
5.                Budget files (3 years for E II Sections)
6.                Master Index for all examinations by D.P. Branch.
7.                Master Index (from the date of commencement of the examination) by Examination Branch.
8.                Minutes of Weekly Co-ordination meetings (in E II Section).
9.                Invoices of  articles received by Registered Post/Speed Post.
10.           Receipt Book of Dak counter.
11.           Unlinked receipts.
12.           Top Sheet generated by E.D.P. Branch for issue of Admission Certificates (1 year or till payment of Bill to MMC, whichever is later).
1.                Communications received from prospective candidates requesting for application forms.
2.                Unconnected correspondence from candidates (without documents).
3.                Undelivered forms for -  S.O./Steno Grade B Exam. only.
4.                Any other unimportant papers.
5.                Lists and forwarding notes of unconnected papers. 
                I S Wing 
i)                   FAQ Keep for 2 years.
ii)                Overview of Examinations: Keep for 2 years.
iii)              Annual Calendar of Examinations: 1 year.
iv)               Notification: Up to conduct of Examinations  (for CS (P) up to conduct of CS (M) Examination)
v)                  Registration Data: Up to conduct of Exam.
vi)               Venue Information: Up to conduct of Exam.
vii)             Result: 3 weeks from the date of declaration of result.
viii)          Interview Programme: Up to the last date of interview.
ix)              Alpha Query: Up to conduct of Exam.
I.          I S Wing
i)          FAQ Keep for 2 years.
ii)          Overview of Examinations: Keep for 2 years.
iii)          Annual Calendar of Examinations: 1 year.
iv)    Notification: Upto conduct of Examinations  (for CS (P) upto conduct of CS (M) Examination)
v)          Registration Data: Upto conduct of Exam.
vi)          Venue Information: Upto conduct of Exam.
vii)          Result: 3 weeks from the date of declaration of result.
viii)          Interview Programme: Upto the last date of interview.
ix)          Alpha Query: Upto conduct of Exam.
1.                Form Registration:
a)                 Till conduct of Exam. in active data.
b)                 3 years in Archive.
2.         Data Images: Upto issue of Mark sheet.

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